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According to a Published Study . . . You're a Moron

I was just watching the news (WARNING: This is from the local FOX affiliate), and they had a report on a study that was recently published. The main supposition of the study is that people who are happier live longer. Well, no shit. Besides the fact that stress has negative effects on your health, they didn't discuss WHY these people aren't happy.

For example, despite what the songs and the movies say, people who are financially stable are, in general, less stressed out, and thereby happier, than those who aren't. And those who have money troubles are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol, and (in the US) are less likely to have sufficient health care. Of course, the study doesn't go into that.

Recently, the free-speech hating douchebags at the Parents Television Council have hailed a study citing that children who watch more TV are more likely to become bullies. Of course, the PTC uses this as evidence that violent TV programming creates violent children. They fail to add 2 and 2 and deduce that perhaps kids who watch a lot of TV aren't getting the emotional support that they need from THEIR PARENTS! Of course, these folks would far rather place the blame on Hollywood than take responsibility for their own kids. It takes a lot less time, and is far more self-affirming to rely on someone else to raise your kids, of course.


Blogger the engineer said...

jesus christ...i could have told the world money issues cause you to drink and do drugs...damn i could be a fox news caster...just coming in.....if you hate life...your more likely to kill yourself..back to u pat!

5/18/2005 12:59 PM


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