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Commercials are Still Stupid

How is it that the same people responsible for a piece of genius can also be repsonsible for utter garbage? No, I'm not juxtaposing Jay-Z's "Reasonable Doubt" with the decorative coaster that is the "Roc La Familia" CD. I'm talking about Quizno's, or specifically the ad agency it contracted.

They make decent subs. I like that they're toasted, and their Broccoli Cheddar soup is quite tasty. But I'm talking about the commercials they've put out in the past year or so.

Last year, Quizno's put out a piece of absolute genius: Those freaky-ass rodent ads(click here for the ad). They were ugly, goofy, and to the point:

"We love the subs!
'Cuz they are good to us.
The Quiznos subs.
They are tasty,
They are crunchy,
They are warm because they toast them.
They got a pepper bar!"

Genius. The ads actually convinced me to try their subs.

And now they come with this:

A fucking talking baby. Are you serious? Who finds talking babies amusing anymore? I fucking get it. The baby talks. Babies don't actually talk like that. This is on par with a chimp wearing a suit, doing stuff humans do. It's so passe. Bring back the goofiness!

So I've had it. I sent an email to Quizno's marketing department, threatening to stop patronizing their restaurants unless they bring back the rodents, or at least get rid of the stupid-ass talking baby. I implore you to do the same.

For all of you who choose not to flip around during commercial breaks, who find advertising to be part of the entertainment experience, this is your duty as an American.

I bid you farewell for now.


Blogger the engineer said...

thatt was the funniest commercial ever!1...they have a pepper bar!!hahaha...what the fuck was that all about!

6/23/2005 9:32 AM

Blogger Beo said...

I liked the rodent one also. Why did they stop it!

6/26/2005 8:38 PM


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