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So, I'm Still Alive and Stuff

It's been about 6 weeks without posting. Not sure why I haven't. Maybe it's because I started working. I tend to just come home and vegetate when I get out of work, and I've had little motivation to post. So, yeah . . .

Well, I'm about 8 weeks from moving. I have to say I never imagined I'd be living in Pittsburgh, but I guess that just shows how life can take you in unforeseen directions. I'm running the gamut of emotions about this: excited, nervous, anxious, worried, etc. I know things will be just fine, but I have a tendency to worry nonetheless. I get that from my mama I guess.

But this is going to be good for me. I have to learn to, like, study and stuff, and stay on top of my school work. I've never really done that before. Even as I finished my undergrad degree, I would generally procrastinate. I have to admit that my GPA was not reflective of the work I put into it. I've never really been able to bear down and just handle my BI in a timely fashion. But now I have no choice but to step up my game. I have a scholarship that is conducive on maintaining good grades. I have to treat grad school as my profession for the next couple of years.

What else is going on? Not much really. Just trying to enjoy the warm weather a bit, and balance my time between my friends and achieving the solitude and introspection necessary to keep me sane. I've had mixed results admittedly.

So, yeah, this isn't a funny post, or particularly thoughtful for that matter. But hey, I posted, so fuck you.


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