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Long time no write folks. When I left you, dear reader, I was readying for a move to Pittsburgh to start grad school. Well, here I am. Been here a couple of months, school's going pretty well and such, and I'm all settled in.

You know what? I like Pittsburgh. Bill Simmons once said, "Take the best parts of Portland, Oregon, put it in Hartford, and you have Pittsburgh." That's a pretty good assessment, I must say. It has that blue-collar vibe, but there's plenty to do (but not enough to distract me from my studies).

This is what I said in June:

I have to learn to, like, study and stuff, and stay on top of my school work. I've never really done that before . . . But now I have no choice but to step up my game. I have a scholarship that is conducive on maintaining good grades. I have to treat grad school as my profession for the next couple of years.

I guess I've done a half-decent job of that, although I could admittedly be a bit more diligent in my studies. But it's all good. My roommates are cool, and I've met cool people at school. I certainly needed a fresh start of sorts.

So, yeah, that's where I am at the moment. I'll start posting random shit in the future, possibly even entertaining of interesting stuff.